"ZAVODSKI STROEJI - DEVNYA" SA manages production bases in Devnya, Varna and Silistra. Activities are divided into the following sections:

  1. Common construction operations: digging, excavation, shuttering, concrete, masonry, plastering, scaffolds, production and fitting of metal constructions and armature, pilot foundation, technological pipelines; railways, gas pipelines, concrete, gravel and asphalt pavements etc.
  2. Finishing operations: cement plastering, painting, window and door fitting, glass paneling, glazing, floor covers, water and sewerage installations, hydro-insulations, ironing works, thermo-insulations, acid-resistant insulations, special glazing, anti-corrosion protection, electrical installations etc.
  3. Assistant operations: excavations, mounds, concrete crushing, transport of concrete and other materials, rolling, gravel pavements etc.
  4. Concrete centers: 6 centers in Varna, Devnya and Silistra - production of all types of concrete including special concrete.
  5. Lime center: production of lime solutions.
  6. Carpentry workshop: production of wooden doors and windows, facing, all types of carpentry services.
  7. Reinforcement workshop: production of all types of reinforcement steel
  8. Metal constructions: Preparation of metal constructions and iron works.
  9. Water and sewerage: Preparation of zinc pipelines, water supply and sewerage elements, metal pipelines, РVС pipelines, PE and PPR pipelines, gas pipelines etc.
  10. Building laboratory: Incoming control, technical control of cement, additional materials for concrete, plasters, armature steel etc.
  11. Electrical services: inside installations, repair of electrical equipment etc.
  12. Production of steel-concrete articles: road panels, vibro-elements, sectional steel-concrete elements - wall panels, columns; fencing, well rings etc.
  13. Workshop for aluminum doors and windows: production and fitting.
  14. "Devnya Plast" SA, Varna - HDPE pipes production plant.