"ZAVODSKI STROEJI - DEVNYA" SA is a construction company with place of residence in the town of Devnya. It was established in 1952 as a subsidiary of "Industrial construction" - Sofia, with main purpose industrial building works in the region of Devnya.

Construction administration "ZAVODSKI STROEJI - DEVNYA" has participated in the construction of Soda Plant, Cement plant, Sugar plant, PVC plant, New Soda Plant, Artificial fertilizers plant, VC and PVC production plant, Thermo-electric power station - Devnya, Thermo-electric power station - Varna, РТС for carbamide etc. "ZAVODSKI STROEJI - DEVNYA" SA builds a part of the gas pipeline network in Bulgaria.

In 1991 Construction administration "ZAVODSKI STROEJI - DEVNYA" is transformed into a limited liability company "DevnyaStroyEngineering". Main activity of the company becomes reconstruction and major repairing of industrial buildings in Devnya, and participation in construction of many public utilities.

The year 1997 gives new beginning. After bids of mass privatization process "DevnyaStroyEngineering" becomes "ZAVODSKI STROEJI - DEVNYA" SA - private joint stock company managed by Board of Directors. With 47 years of experience in construction as well as repairing works at sites for cement, fertilizer, chemical and other productions, "ZAVODSKI STROEJI - DEVNYA" SA is a main contractor of many public and cultural buildings such as hospitals, hotels, subways in Varna, cinemas, restaurants, sport centers, warehouses etc.