"ZAVODSKI STROEJI _ DEVNYA" SA is a construction company with more than 50 years experience in building, repairing and maintenance of industrial as well as public projects. The company manages bases in the cities of Varna, Devnya and Silistra, which offer all types of services connected to construction and production of building materials, accredited by Ministry of regional development and public works - №161-03/01.12.2000г. Bases include 6 concrete centers, lime centers, accredited building laboratories, metal workshops, water supply and sewerage yards, ironworks shop, joinery, electrical workshop, building materials market, aluminum doors and windows workshop, license for gas pipe construction etc.

The company has a team of more than 400 qualified professionals and has a positive influence on region's employment.

Priorities in company's management are:

  • Equipment modernization in stages;
  • Automation of production processes;
  • Market diversification;
  • Innovations in the field of used materials for production;
  • Development of product range;
  • Production certification.

The company stakes on the high quality of the building materials and services. Company's policy excludes any compromises with technology and ecological standards. The construction bases are conformed to all active normative and the best European practices.