"ZAVODSKI STROEJI - DEVNYA" SA has a powerful team of qualified specialists and workers. New and modern technologies are well acquired and introduced in working process in the following parts:

1. Rough construction:

  • Polished concrete paves;
  • Resistant covers with toping;
  • Brickwork with contemporary materials;
  • Shuttering forms for huge areas;
  • Modern frameworks.

2. Finishing works:

  • Dry construction systems;
  • Suspended ceilings;
  • Suspended facades;
  • Aluminum and РVС doors and windows (external and internal);
  • Plastering with new materials;
  • Thermo-insulations with modern materials;
  • Hydro-insulations;
  • New roof systems.

3. Water supply and sewerage:

  • Water-conduits of PE and PPR with union joints welding;
  • Sewerage systems of PVC and HDPE.

The company has powerful equipment and mechanization of new generation.


"ZAVODSKI STROEJI - DEVNYA" SA hold a license issued by Ministry of Environment and Waters - Regional Office of environment and Waters, Varna - to collect dangerous wastes and waste building materials, keep them transitory and transport the wastes to certain depots which the company has signed contracts with.

The following measures for environment and water protection are taken at any company's project:

  1. Systematical watering against dust and ashes;
  2. Usage of new and high-quality noiseless machinery and equipment;
  3. Drainage in special places